Dragon Fly Doji

Dragon Fly Doji


Long ranges price.

Open and closing price more or less same at the top point of a specific time frame.

Dragonfly doji

Price will close nearly high or just high.

Candle color absence or no matter.

It represent indecision between buyers and sellers and it seems that buyers took the price back for a moment.

Trade Confirmation

When candle 3 exit the candle 1 indicate the confirmation of bullish trend.Here candle number 2 is Dragonfly Doji.





Bullish Three inside Up

Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow

Bullish Three White Soldiers

Tweezer Bottom

Bearish Dark Cloud Cover

Tweezer Top

Bearish Abandoned Baby

Bullish Long Legged Doji

Bullish Engulfing

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