Chick Quality

Good Quality chick affected by following parameters:

1.Laying and handling of egg

-Breeder farm uniformity,immunity,nutrition and age

-Fertility,egg quality and Breeder Health.

2.Incubation and Hatching Of the Egg

-Egg transport

-Egg storage and Handling


machine type,Temperature,humidity,turning ,ventilation,sanitation,egg shell                          temperature,Hatch time, Chick vent temperature and chick transport System.

3.Handling and transport of broiler chicks:

-Chick Gradding and handling,

-Chick holding Condition ,Chick Truck temperature and Humidity.

-Ventilation and farm distance

4.Chicks Handling at Farm

-Brooding temperature

-Feed and water  supply


Optimum Broiler Development

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