Candlestick OHLC

Candlestick OHLC(Open,High,Low and Closing Price):

Bullish And Bearish Candle

A bullish candle shows that the price has increased over the time period.

A Bearish candle shows that the price has decreased over the time period.

Bullish and Bearish Candle


Ranctangular part of the candle is known as the Real Body.

Real Body,Open Price and Closing Price

Real Body always shows the open and close price.


Shadows,Tails and Wick

Doji is another type of candlestick where open and closing price is same.

Different types of Doji Candle


Price opened and closed at the same price or very near the price.There is little or no real body.

Long tail or wick or both is present.


Bearish Dark Cloud Cover

Tweezer Top

Bearish Abandoned Baby
Bearish Evening Star
Bearish Three Black Crows
Bearish Three Inside Down
Bearish Three Outside Down
Bearish Upside Gap Two Crows


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