Bearish Three Outside Down Candlestick


1.The first two candles are Bearish Engulfing Candlestick Pattern.

2.The third candle should not break the high of the second candle.

3.The third candle should be open between the second candle body.

4.Sell position will confirm after a retest from proved Resistance level by a bearish the outside down candlestick pattern

Bearish Dark Cloud Cover

Tweezer Top

Bearish Abandoned Baby
Bearish Evening Star
Bearish Three Black Crows
Bearish Three Inside Down

Bullish Piercing line

Bullish Morning star

Bullish Three outside Up

Bullish Three inside Up

Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow

Bearish Three Outside Down Candlestick

Bearish Upside Gap Two Crows


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