Signal 30/10/2018

Signal 1 GBPJPY,DAILY Entry Point Buy-144.14 Take Profit-147.03 Stop Loss-142.16 Turning our attention to GBP/JPY, rates have rolled over off strong previous resistance near 150.00 to test the early September support at 142.75. Signal 2 nzdusd,Daily   Entry Point Buy-0.6546 Take Profit-0.6655 Stop Loss-0.6417 Signal 3 Pair-NZDJPY Buy Entry-73.86 Take Profit-74.99 Stop Loss-72.19 Please follow […]

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October 30, 2018

EURCAD Live Pattern

Date -26/10/2018 Pair EURCAD Time frame -D1 Bullish Doji Star pattern confirmed Indication-Bullish Reversal   During a downtrend, the market strengthens the bears with a long black candlestick and gaps open on the second one. However, the second candlestick trades within a small range and closes at or near its open. This scenario generally shows […]

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October 26, 2018

Bearish Gravestone Doji

Bearish Gravestone Doji The Bearish Gravestone Doji is veiwed as a bearish reversal candlestick pattern that mainly occurs at the top of uptrends. The Gravestone Doji is created when the open, low and close are the same or about the same price(where the open, low and close are exactly the same price is quite rare).The […]

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October 26, 2018


24/10/2018 Pair AUDUSD Timeframe-D1 Entry BUY 0.7105 Take Profit-0.7234 Stop Loss-0.7031 Reason-Bullish reversal candlestick pattern from Support level. Please follow and like us:0

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October 24, 2018

Dragon Fly Doji

Dragon Fly Doji Characteristics: Long ranges price. Open and closing price more or less same at the top point of a specific time frame. Price will close nearly high or just high. Candle color absence or no matter. It represent indecision between buyers and sellers and it seems that buyers took the price back for […]

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October 21, 2018

Long Legged Doji

Bullish Long Legged Doji: After Down trend when market show a doji with long legged it is the bullish reversal pattern. Long legged doji means upper shadow and lower shadow more or less equal(40%-60%). Doji means open price and closing price more or less same.   Doji colour is not considerable(Bullish or bearish). Trade confirmation […]

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October 20, 2018

D1,Inverted Hammer

Date -18/10/2018 TimeFrame D1 Pair-AUDUSD Direction -Bullish Reversal During a downtrend, the open is lower, then it trades higher, but closes near its open, therefore looking like an inverted lollipop. It needs bullish verification on the next candlestick. Trade Indication – Can you make trade setup for long at Buy stop 0.7160   Please follow […]

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October 19, 2018

Bullish Engulfing Candle Found

Pair-CADCHF Timeframe-D1 Indication-Bullish Reversal Candle Time-16 October 2018 During a downtrend, the Bullish Engulfing depicts an opening at a new low and closes at or above the previous candle’s open. This signifies that the downtrend has lost momentum and the bulls may be gaining strength. Factors increasing the pattern’s effectiveness are: 1) The first candlestick […]

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October 17, 2018


17/10/2018 Signal 1 Pair-USDJPY,Daily Entry point Buy-112.41 Take Profit-113.52 Stop Loss-111.39 Signal 2 Pair-AUDJPY,Daily Entry Point Buy-80.23 Take Profit-81.60 Stop Loss-78.50 Signal 3 Pair-EURAUD,Daily Entry point sell-1.6187 Take Profit-1.6063 Stop Loss-1.6377 Please follow and like us:0

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October 17, 2018


15/10/2018 Signal 1 Pair -USDCAD,Daily Entry point sell -1.3023 Take Profit-1.2911 Stop Loss-1.3095 Signal 2 Pair GBPAUD,Daily Entry sell point -1.8451 Take Profit-1.8193 Stop loss-1.8748 Signal 3 Pair GBPJPY,Daily Entry Point Sell-147.16 Take Profit-143.50 Stop Loss-150.09     Please follow and like us:0

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October 15, 2018