10 Reason for Loss on Forex

10 reason for forex loss

1.Trading without any strategy

Establish a strategy, test and analyzed minimum 6 months ,apply your real account.

2.Over risking

No risk no gain it is true but why over risking without plan.Without Personal Protection Equipement (PPE)every work is risky.

  1. 3.Over Trading

Without any plan or money management trading just like a swimming in a sea without learning how         to swim.

4.Trading Without stop loss

Although stop loss is allowed for every strategy but sometime need to avoid only expert trader.


No work to say any things. In every field it is destructive.

6.Cut profits

Profit trade close before to reach your destination.But loss trade continue for recover but ultimately more loss.


Fear or tension always need to avoid for trading.Just thinking thinking more and more before placing any trade.But after placed never thinking on your open position.

8.Frequently changing your strategy:

Be a constant to on a strategy.Believe your strategy.Which one you comfort just select forever never change.

9.Following someone blindly

Believe on yourself .Confident on your merit.Make a profitable system.Never follow others blindly.But for learning you can go here and there.

10.Borrow money to trade.

Cut your coat according to your cloth.Just borrow from others it is more risky.If you fall in loss every things will go from your life.

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